Japanese Placement Test

Updated May 2017

The online placement test will be available from 9am (EST) July 1st through 5pm (EST) August 15th.

Updated details on placement testing can be found here.


Who should take the placement test:
  • Students who have studied Japanese before and/or used Japanese at home and wish to place into L2 (Elementary Japanese spring semester) or a higher level Japanese course.   
  • Students who have returned from Japanese programs abroad (for a summer, semester or year) and wish to skip a course by placing into a level higher than the one they would have proceeded to take after their last course taken at Yale.
  • Students who wish to resume Japanese study in class after being absent for one semester or more.
  • Students who have no prior knowledge of Japanese and wish to take L1 (Elementary Japanese in the fall semester) need not to take the test.  Such students should simply start attending L1 at the beginning of the semester.
Test Components:
Online Test
This test is available after July 1st.  You should finish this test at home (or dorm, computer cluster, etc.) by August 15th, 5pm.  See below for details about the test and the secret code to access the test.
Oral Interview

This five to ten minute interview takes place on August 27th, between 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.  We will contact you by the interview day with the specific time for your interview.  Please come to 432 Temple Street, Room 102 before your interview time and wait until you are called.   For those who have a conflict for some reason, we will schedule an interview on an alternative time or/and date.  Please follow the instruction written in “STEP 1” of  “TO TAKE ONLINE TEST” below.

Honor Code
When you take the online test, do not use any supporting materials (e.g., textbook, dictionary, friend, etc.) other than your own knowledge.  The purpose of the test is to gauge accurately your current proficiency in Japanese so that we can place you into the appropriate course level.  If you break this honor code, you will be misplaced in an inappropriate course level and problems in your learning will inevitably occur.
Prior to taking the test please review the Yale College policy on academic honesty
Placement Result:
We will e-mail you the placement results by one day before school starts.
If you have any questions, please e-mail to: 


The test is for students of all proficiency levels, from the elementary to the most advanced, and may contain items beyond your level.  You may leave unanswered any questions you don’t understand, but try to answer as many questions as you can.

The test has four parts: 
- Part 1 – Kanji Recognition
- Part 2 – Grammar
- Part 3 - Reading Comprehension
- Part 4 - Writing  
For Part 4 only– Those who are not familiar with typing in Japanese font or feel uncomfortable doing so may choose to submit in hard copy.  If you choose to do so, write your answers on paper with pencil or pen and bring it with you when you come to the oral interview.  Those who choose to write out answers for Part 4 should have paper and pencil/pen ready before starting the test.  
Parts, 1 to 3 are in multiple-choice question format. You need not type your answers in Japanese for these parts and must complete them online.
You can take short breaks between each test but should complete all four parts in 2.5 hours or less (each part has a maximum time limit).  We will have records of times you start and finish the tests, so follow this rule.  You can try each test only once.  Be sure you are ready and have enough time before you start.  You will find the secret code to access the test below.


You can start taking the online test anytime after you read this instruction.  You will be asked the secret code below to take the test.  
SECRET CODE: The secret code is: placeme.  You need this secret code to access the test.


First fill in the Student Information and then complete the four parts of Placement Test.   After completing each part, submit by clicking “Submit answers” button at the bottom.  And then, click “Return to class page” to go to the next part till you complete the student information and all of the four parts of the test.