Chinese Placement Test

Updated March 2024


Who should do the placement test?

  • The Placement test (See below) is required ONLY for students who either are from a Chinese heritage family OR/AND who have taken some Chinese language course in the past (such as at high schools). Students who took the AP Chinese test still need to take the test, no matter what your score is.
  • Students who just returned from a Light Program in China DO NOT need to take the test, but to take a course by skipping one level above what you have finished last spring. (Example: you finished CHNS 120 last spring, after your summer Light program, you take CHNS 150, skipping CHNS 130 at Yale)
  • Students with zero knowledge of Chinese DO NOT do anything here, but to shop a CHNS 110 section (L1 course) when semester starts.


  • Online test dates for Fall 2024:
    • July 1st at 9 am - July 31st at 12 pm


  • The purpose of the test is for placement only.
  • Results will NOT be applied to students’ grade or credit record.

Honor Code

  • Students should finish the test independently without using any tools (dictionaries, etc.) and without help from another person (friend, etc.).
  • Any breach of this honor code may result in inaccurate placement and may cause a delayed placement.


The Chinese placement test is fully online. It includes four parts:
  1. Questionnaire
  2. Writing: Short Essay 
  3. Listening
  4. Oral Response

Placement Results

  • Placement results are uploaded to Canvas by 5 pm on August 5th.
  • Placement exam results will remain valid for ONE year.

Should you have any questions, please email Rongzhen Li, Senior Lector II, Chinese Program Coordinator.

Further information about placement testing and the use of placement scores at Yale can be found here.

Test Link

After checking that your computer meets the technical requirements above, click the test link below (if you log in outside the stated test dates, the test may be unavailable).

Test Link