English Language Program Resources

English Language Materials

The English Language Program is in the process of updating its online database of audio and video resources as well as its reference books for language learning. Several resources are currently available at the Technology Information Desk in the Center for Language Study lobby. We request that all materials be used within the CLS. Your student identification card will be held at the reception desk until you have returned the materials.

Individualized Instruction

The English Language Program offers a program of individualized instruction to currently enrolled Yale students. Eligibility for this program is determined on a case-by-case basis. Others in the Yale community, such as visiting scholars, researchers, or those with special short-term needs, should contact the program director for further information concerning availability and costs.


The English Language Program also offers professional development workshops based upon specific language skills. The office also offers workshops in conjunction with several other offices on campus: the Graduate Writing Center, OISS and MacMillan Center. Please contact the program director for more information or to request a workshop.