Language Courses & Other Learning Opportunities

At Yale

  • Courses Outside Your School - In most cases, professional school students may take a limited number of courses within other schools at Yale, including the Graduate School and Yale College. Yale's Online Course Information website lists all courses offered by Yale University in the current term, with the exception of courses in the School of Medicine. Consult your advisor regarding your school's specific rules on enrollment in courses outside of your school.
  • The MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies coordinates teaching and research on international affairs, societies, and cultures around the world. You may wish to speak further with the council representing your area of interest to discover what additional programs might be available. See the MacMillan Center website for more information.
  • Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad offers a unique opportunity for intensive language study in a number of languages.  Many of the courses feature an intensive preparatory component on the Yale campus (generally four weeks) followed by several weeks of study abroad.  Additional courses in culture (five weeks) meet exclusively abroad.  See the list of Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad courses on the Yale Study Abroad website for more information.
  • Directed Independent Language Study (DILS) is designed to give students the opportunity to study languages that are not currently offered through traditional classroom instruction at Yale. Because students can design individual programs of study related to their international/transcultural academic interests and professional goals, DILS has been a particularly valuable resource for professional school students. DILS students almost always study or work abroad using their DILS language, and they often pursue permanent research goals or careers using that language. See the DILS website for more information.


There are numerous options for pursuing coursework or other structured learning outside of Yale, whether it be during the academic year or the summer. Please contact the CLS for assistance in identifying and evaluating such programs.

  • LCTL Course Offerings - The Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition maintains a searchable database on schools in North America that teach Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs).
  • The Language Materials Project - UCLA maintains a searchable database of resources for Less Commonly Taught Languages, including books, software, and websites.