Fields Application Process


  • The deadline for applications for Fall Semester programs is March 1st.
  • The deadline for applications for Spring Semester programs is October 1st.

You must submit an online application form during the semester preceding the one in which you plan to study (a month before the stated deadlines, a link to the online application will be available on this page). A selection committee will evaluate all applications, assessing each applicant’s goals and qualifications. 

Note: If you are a current Fields student wishing to continue with the language/discipline combination that you are currently studying (or have recently studied in Fields), you must re-apply each semester, being sure to select “Yes” when asked if you are a continuing student on the online application form (see link below). There is no need to submit a new transcript nor take the entrance assessment.


Please review the following eligibility considerations:

  • You must be a registered Yale student (undergraduate, graduate, or professional) in good academic standing, pursuing a degree other than language and literature (for which there is normally advanced coursework already available at Yale).
  • You must be at the equivalent of an L5 or beyond in your language ability. For undergraduates, this requires evidence of having taken coursework at the L5 level at Yale (or at the highest level offered in the language to be studied). 
  • You must be highly motivated, self-disciplined, self-directed, and fully committed to the program. 
  • You must be able to demonstrate serious reasons why you wish to study the language and discipline combination for which you are applying. 
  • Recognizing the time commitment required for language study, you should be careful not to undertake Fields in an otherwise heavily loaded semester.


The Fields application process includes the following stages:

To apply for Fields, you must submit the following by the specified deadlines:

  • Transcript/Degree Audit (for Undergraduates Only): If you are an undergraduate, you must obtain a copy of your academic record. To do so, visit the Student Information System (SIS); choose the “Academics” tab and click the link for “Yale Degree Audit.” There, you can print out your academic record or save it as a PDF. You can either upload the PDF version during the online application process (below), or you can mail or deliver the printed copy to the Fields program at the Center for Language Study, 370 Temple Street, New Haven, CT 06511.
  • Online Application Form: Please apply using the online application form here (link available a month before stated deadlines).

If you are identified as a potential candidate for Fields, you will be asked to take an oral language proficiency assessment to determine your level, as part of the application process.

Once the results of the language assessments are in, you will be notified of the review committee’s final decision (usually within four to six weeks of the application deadline).

If I’m Accepted, What Happens Next?

If you are accepted, but before the start of your language partnership, you must:

  • Schedule a time to take a written assessment in order to document your current level of writing proficiency.

Fields program staff will then begin searching for a language partner appropriate to your discipline-specific language study. Since an appropriate work-eligible language partner cannot always be found, acceptance is not a guarantee that the program will run.


As an accepted student, you will be expected to:

  • attend all of your scheduled sessions, two 1-hour sessions weekly for 12 weeks (and to notify your language partners if you are sick or are leaving town for one of Yale’s scheduled academic breaks); 
  • identify the language study materials you will be using, with the help of your language partner (like a college course, you would purchase your own study materials); and
  • take responsibility for your own learning through independent study, goal setting, and session planning with your language partner. 
  • participate in oral and written proficiency assessments at the end of your Fields study.

More Information

For further information about the Fields program, please contact