Online Teaching Tools and Resources

This page contains a list of free tools and resources for language teachers to use in their classrooms:

  1. Teaching Tools - a list of tools that can be used for creating and editing technology-enhanced tasks, activities, and materials for language learning.
  2. Media Sources - a list of media sources such as audio, video, and images that can be used for language teaching and learning.
  3. Additional Tools, Sources, and Resources - this section provides a list of additional tools, sources, and resources that language teachers can explore and experiment with.

If you have questions about these tools or need help with their implementation, please contact the CLS.


Teaching Tools

Audio recording and editing Vocaroo an online tool for recording and sharing audio messages
  Audacity software for recording and editing audio (requires installation)
Photo editing Pixlr an online tool for editing photos
Multimedia projects Alternatives to CLEAR’s Rich Internet Applications a list of alternatives to CLEAR’s popular but now decommissioned set of online tools for creating multimedia-enhanced language learning materials, activities, and assessment. 
  Lingt a tool for creating online spoken assignments (using images and videos) and providing feedback to students
Collaborative working and writing GoogleDocs a set of applications for creating, sharing, and collaborating on online documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.
  Wikispaces an online wiki platform for collaborative writing and discussions
Presentation VoiceThread an online presentation and collaboration tool that allows for creating multimedia slideshows and commenting using voice, text, audio file, or video. Free version limited to five VoiceThreads, which can’t be deleted once they are created.
  Prezi an online tool for creating zooming and multimedia-rich presentations
Video conferencing Skype

software for text chatting, instant messaging, and video calling (requires installation)

  Zoom popular web & video conferencing service
Dictionaries and vocabulary learning Wordreference online dictionaries for various languages
  Lingro an online tool for converting any website into an interactive audio-enhanced dictionary; also allows for creating flash cards
Video production and editing Amara an online tool for captioning and translating videos
  Animoto an easy-to-use online tool for creating videos
Websites and e-portfolios* CampusPress A service available to the Yale community for making professional blogs or websites, class publications, newsletters, student organization websites and more
  Weebly a platform for creating websites, blogs, and e-portfolios using the “drag-and-drop” method

*Note: If you are interested in creating an e-portfolio, contact the CLS for more information and help.


Media Sources

BLC Library of Foreign Language Film Clips a tagged and structured collection of clips from foreign language films (requires application for an account)
SCOLA a website for watching or recording television programming from around the world in 65 different languages
CARLA Instructional Materials images, audio, video files for various Less Commonly Taught Languages
Open Culture “the best free cultural and educational media on the web,” including free language lessons, movies, audio books, etc.
Newseum front pages from over 800 newspapers worldwide


Additional Resources

Language Teaching and Technology Resources @ YaleCLS a Diigo group with a list of resources related to language teaching and technology
Directory of Learning and Performance Tools a list of over 2,000 tools for educational purposes
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning a blog containing various educational technology resources
Web 2.0 Tools for Language Teachers a list of Web 2.0 tools for language teachers (sorted by categories)
Bamboo DiRT a registry of various digital research tools
Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition at the University of Minnesota

guidelines for developing materials for Less Commonly Taught Languages and resources for language teachers

UCLA Language Materials Project teaching resources for Less Commonly Taught Languages
Online Tools for Language Teaching an article in TESL-EJ containing a list of tools for language teaching and learning