CLS Fellowship

The Language Study Committee is pleased to announce that the FAS Dean’s Office has approved a new CLS Professional Development Fellowship opportunity for language lectors effective next academic year. The fellowship offers a one-course reduction in teaching load for language lectors in one term of their choice to work on a project closely related to their teaching and is intended to provide an opportunity for professional development in close collaboration with a cohort of colleagues.  This course reduction will not result in any change in annual compensation. The program will run as an ongoing pilot program and will select a cohort of up to three fellows for the fall term and up to three fellows for the spring term each year. We are currently accepting proposals for the academic year 2019-2020.

To be eligible for the fellowship, lectors must have held a multi-year full-time appointment in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Yale for at least three years and currently hold a multi-year full-time appointment that extends through the year following the proposed fellowship. A lector awarded this fellowship must wait a minimum of six terms before reapplying. This fellowship is independent of the existing Professional Development Leave for non-ladder faculty.

All applications for a CLS Fellowship must be endorsed by the department Chair and the Language Program Director. Departments and programs may endorse as many applications as they deem worthy. In the case of language programs based in one of the Area Studies Councils of the MacMillan Center, the Center functions as the department and the director of the Center functions as the chair. Questions about the endorsement process should be sent to John Mangan.

A call for applications will be circulated at regular intervals throughout the academic year, usually late February and late September. The next deadline for proposals is March 1st, 2019.

To assist the applicants with the proposed projects, the committee suggests the following application model.

1. Project Abstract (up to 500 words)

2. Rationale for the Project (500-1000 words)

In this section, the applicant should give pedagogical justification for the project, list available resources related to it, as well as demonstrate reasonable familiarity with the current state of research in the field. 

3. Project Description (500-1000 words)

In this section the applicant should address the history and origins of the proposed project, the work already done for it, if any, describe the project’s overall structure and its specific elements. Applications must describe the proposed project and how it will advance the applicant’s teaching and professional development and serve the teaching program of the applicant’s home department or program.

4. Bibliography

5. Detailed Timetable for the Project (Fall Term or Spring Term)

6. Digital Resources (if any)

7. Action Research Component (if any)

All applications will be reviewed by the Language Study Committee, which will make its recommendations to the Teaching Resource Advisory Committee (TRAC) within the FAS Dean’s Office. The committee may take the following actions:  (1) approve the proposal as-is; (2) approve, but suggest a different term in which the fellowship is taken; (3) request revision and resubmission; or (4) reject the proposal.

The fellows who are selected for this program will be expected to attend weekly cohort meetings at the Center for Language Study to discuss their work in progress in a collaborative setting. At the end of the term of the fellowship, fellows will be expected to give a final public presentation of their projects.

For further information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Nelleke Van Deusen-Scholl.