German Placement Test

Updated June 2017


Students who have previously studied German formally or informally are required to take the German placement exam. This exam will help determine which German class best fits each student’s background. Placement can be adjusted at the beginning of the semester if the student or instructor feels that it is inopportune. Once the placement test has been completed, students may pre-register for German courses. Information about the pre-registration process is listed on the departmental website. Students who have demonstrated advanced proficiency by a score of 5 on the AP German exam are eligible to enroll directly in L5 German courses. Students who are beginners with no prior knowledge of German do not need to take the placement exam but may pre-register for any German L1 class. The German department will also participate in the Academic Fair. See the German Department website for updates and more information.

Test Dates

The placement test will be available from July 1st at 9am (EST) through August 15th at 5pm (EST).

Technical Requirements

Although the System Recommendations page suggests multiple web browsers can be used, we strongly recommend using the latest version of the Google Chrome web browser (download here), based on our experiences. We also recommend using the latest version of MacOS or Windows (not an electronic tablet or phone), as listed on the System Recommendations page. To be sure all requirements are met, a system check will be performed at the beginning of the test and may also be accessed in advance here. If you experience technical issues, please complete the Placement Test Support Form.

Test Link

Prior to taking the test, please check that all technical requirements (listed above) are met, and please review the Yale College policy on academic honesty. When you are ready to take the placement test, click the link below, and log in with your Yale NetID and password.

Click here to begin the placement test.