Shared course initiative

Institutional agreement for shared courses.

Columbia, Cornell, and Yale, through a collaborative arrangement to share less commonly taught languages, offer several languages that are not otherwise taught on our campuses, via videoconferencing from a partner institution. This academic year, we will offer a total of eight languages.   These are not “online” computer-based courses.  The courses are taught ‘live’ by an instructor at the sending institution, and students at the receiving institution will be expected to attend a regular class in a designated classroom which is outfitted with videoconferencing technology.  At the receiving end, students will see the teacher and be able to interact via videoconference with him/her and the other class of students.  There will be technology support available and in some cases a special language assistant - a native speaker of the language - will also be present in the classroom. Please note that you will be registered at your home institution through the regular registration process and receive credit from your own institution.

To give you an idea of what the class looks like, you can access some images of last year’s Dutch class, which was taught at Yale and attended via videoconferencing by Cornell students, here.

For general information or further details about the project, feel free to contact the following people who are coordinating the project at your institution:


Stéphane Charitos, Director, Language Resource Center, 212-854-6341
Bill Koulopoulos, Senior Project Manager, Language Resource Center, 212-854-6132


Richard Feldman, Director, Language Resource Center, 607-255-8685
Nick LaVerne, A/V Development Manager, Language Resource Center, 607-255-3827


Nelleke Van Deusen-Scholl, Director, Center for Language Study, 203-432-6456
Adam Hummel, Technology manager, Center for Language Study, 203-432-0582
Minjin Hashbat, Program Administrator, Center for Language Study, 203-432-8514

Courses offered Spring 2014

(Please note that these courses require permission of the instructor or a placement exam for students who were not enrolled in the prerequisite courses in the spring semester.)

Meeting times

Intermediate Bengali

TTh 3:40-5:00

Dow B07      (370 Temple)

Elementary Khmer

MWThF 12:20-1:15

Dow B07        (370 Temple)

Elementary Tamil

MW 2:10-4:00

Luce B13

Elementary Classical Tibetan

MW 11:00-12:50

Luce B13

Elementary Ukrainian

MWF 9:00-10:15

Dow 420         (370 Temple)

Advanced isiZulu

TTh 2:30-3:45

Dow 420        (370 Temple)

Please note the following important information regarding the academic calendars* of the three institutions:



Classes start on Tuesday, January 21 and end on Monday, May 5.

                  No classes on:   March 17-21 (Midterm recess)                                       

                  Study period:    May 6-8

                  Exam period:     May 9-16


Classes start on Wednesday, January 22 and end on Friday, May 7.

  No classes on:   February 17-18 (February break)
                         March 31-April 4 (Spring break)                   

                     Study period:    May 8-11

                     Exam period:     May 12-20


Classes start on Monday, January 13 (2-week shopping period) and end on Friday, April 25.
                    No Classes on:   January 20 (Martin Luther King Day)
                                            March 7, 5:30 p.m.-March 21 (Spring break)
                    Reading period:    April 25, 5:30 p.m.-April 30
                    Exam period:       May 1-6

*For the days that the institutional calendars are not in synch, the instructors will offer alternative class meeting times and supplementary online activities.

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