Faculty Travel Grants Details


Given limitations in the CLS budget for travel grants, the CLS will not be able to grant every request. Before applying for a grant, faculty should seek funding within their home departments or councils and should describe these efforts in their applications. While CLS funding is not conditioned upon departmental/council financial support, such support can be demonstrative of the merit of the proposal.

Applications for funding should be in the form of an email or letter:

  1. describing the event and its significance (including an explanation of the event's relevance to Yale's language programs);
  2. enclosing copies of an abstract for the proposed presentation and an acceptance of the proposed presentation;
  3. explaining efforts made to obtain funding from other sources and the amount of any awarded funds (copies of any correspondence pertinent to  requests for departmental/council funding can be attached); and
  4. including or attaching an itemized budget comprised of specific items with prices estimated as closely as possible.

The application should be sent to Nelleke Van Deusen-Scholl.

In most cases, the CLS will make a decision on a proposal within fifteen days after the close of the competition deadline. The proposal must be approved before the trip. No funding will be granted after the event.

After the Event

Upon completion of the travel for which a grant was awarded, faculty must submit the following:

  1. Within five days of return, prepare a signed expense report with original invoices and receipts requesting reimbursement (or partial reimbursement) for travel, lodging, and/or registration, and reasonable charges for meals. The CLS no longer reimburses for per diem expenses for meals, but will accept reasonable receipts for meals not to exceed the applicable per diem rate. This can be delivered to Suzanne Young by hand or through campus mail. For budgetary reasons, the CLS may require submission of receipts within a shorter time period at the close of each fiscal year. The CLS may be unable to reimburse faculty for expenses submitted beyond the specified period.
  2. Include a copy of a program for the conference or workshop attended.
  3. Within fifteen days of return, approve the EMS Expense Report for reimbursement of expenses. Failure to comply with this requirement will give the CLS the right to revoke a travel grant and to decline reimbursement for expenses.
  4. Within twenty-one days of return, submit a written report of at least 500 words on the trip or event suitable for publication and, upon request, make an oral report at a CLS event. The report can be submitted to Nelleke Van Deusen-Scholl as an attachment in Microsoft Word format. The CLS may post reports on its web site and make them available to other Yale faculty in the future.