In which languages can I fulfill the Language Requirement?

You can fulfill the language requirement in any language offered at Yale at the level you need. (Consult the information sheet for your level for more information on which courses you need to take.) In looking at the course listing, you will see that most language programs at Yale offer courses designated L1 through L4 and a variety of L5 advanced level courses. However, there are a handful of language programs that do not regularly offer L5 courses, such as Czech, Serbian and Croatian, Tamil, Turkish, and Vietnamese. Students who are at an L5 proficiency level in these languages will either have to find an approved study abroad program at the L5 level or take another language through the L2 level. Some programs may be able to offer an independent tutorial or L5-level course of study to students demonstrating an L5 level of proficiency; consult the program's instructor or Language Program Director for more information.