SLA Certificate–Language class observations of others

Five language class observations of others

Reflective observation of others' teaching has many benefits. Not only does it expand the repertoire of the observer, but it also gives him/her practice in taking a critical perspective on teaching and articulating observations of teaching practices and their effects on student learning.
Provide documentation for two peer observations (at least one for the language that you are teaching), two observations of a senior language instructor (at least one for the language that you are teaching), and one observation of a language that you do not understand.

For each observation, provide:

  • Date of observation
  • Course number, department, and title
  • Instructor name
  • Instructor’s role at Yale (TF, Professor, lector)
  • A write-up documenting your observations. You may use the form we provide for class observations or use it as a guideline to write a narrative reflection on the class.