SLA Certificate–Exit interview

Exit Interview

Receiving feedback about your efforts is beneficial to your development as a teacher. At your exit interview, we will comment on your certificate materials, give you feedback on your portfolio, and discuss how you have benefited from the program. The exit interview also provides an opportunity for you to offer suggestions and critiques of the program, especially important feedback in the first years of this new program.

Inform the Center for Language Study that you intend to complete your certificate at least a month before you would like to schedule an exit interview. We will schedule your exit/completion interview according to mutual availability on a rolling basis. You will be asked to submit your materials by email a week prior to the interview for our review. At your exit interview, you can expect in-depth feedback about your teaching portfolio, which we hope will help you think more deeply about your teaching, develop your teaching statement for the job market, and improve your syllabi for your future courses. Exit interviews typically take approximately one hour and take place in the Center for Language Study, Room 102. Your materials and comments are confidential and will not be shared beyond the Director and Associate Director without your express permission.