Tutors and Prospective Tutors

CLS Tutors

CLS Tutors are Yale students who are screened, hired, and trained by the Center for Language Study to tutor undergraduates enrolled in language courses. After reading the Guidelines for CLS Tutors, prospective tutors can submit an Offer to Tutor form. It is the goal of the tutoring program coordinator to match you with a student's particular needs.  You should complete the "Additional Information" section of the Offer to Tutor with details about your background, such as whether you are a native speaker, whether you have lived or studied abroad, or whether you have taken language courses at Yale. You should also provide information about your prior tutoring experience, as well as an explanation of your approach to tutoring.

CLS Tutors can go to Manage Your Offers to Tutor in order to edit the content of your Offer to Tutor. CLS Tutors who have begun tutoring will need to submit a Progress Report (after each tutoring session) and submit a Timesheet as soon as all tutoring assignments are completed for the work week. Timesheets can be submitted online through the Student Employment Office website.