French Placement Test

Updated June 2017


You will have 90 minutes to complete the online test. It can only be started once and cannot be paused. The top of the screen shows the total minutes remaining. You’ll be able to review your answers after the written sections, but not after the listening comprehension. Please take the test in a quiet room with a good pair of headphones (or ear buds) and no distractions. If you don’t know the answer, leave it blank. Please, don’t guess. For additional information on the placement testing process for French, refer to the French Department website. Results will be posted on August 26th at 2pm.

Test Dates

The online placement test will be available from July 1st at 9am (EST) through August 15th at 5pm (EST).

Technical Requirements

Although the System Recommendations page suggests multiple web browsers can be used, we strongly recommend using the latest version of the Google Chrome web browser (download here), based on our experiences. We also recommend using the latest version of MacOS or Windows (not an electronic tablet or phone), as listed on the System Recommendations page. To be sure all requirements are met, a system check will be performed at the beginning of the test and may also be accessed in advance here. If you experience technical issues, please complete the Placement Test Support Form.

Test Link

Prior to taking the test, please check that all technical requirements (listed above) are met, and please review the Yale College policy on academic honesty. When you are ready to take the placement test, click the link below, and log in with your Yale NetID and password.

Click here to begin the placement test.