Fields Application Process


To be announced shortly.

How to Apply

The Fields application process includes the following stages:

1) Application
To apply for Fields, you must submit the following by the specified deadlines:

  • Application Form [Note: an updated application form will be available by October 1st.]
  • Transcript (for Undergraduates Only): If you are an undergraduate, you must obtain an Internal Academic Record from your Residential College Dean and mail or deliver it to the Fields program at the Center for Language Study, 370 Temple Street, New Haven, CT 06511.

2) Assessment
If you are identified as a potential candidate for Fields, you will be asked to take an oral language proficiency assessment as part of the application process.

3) Notification
Once the results of the language assessments are in, you will be notified of the review committee’s final decision (typically within one month of the application deadline).

If I’m Accepted, What Happens Next?

If you are accepted, the following activities will take place between the time of your acceptance and the start of Spring semester:

  • you and fellow students in the newly-accepted cohort will attend an orientation meeting;
  • you will meet individually with the Fields coordinator to discuss your goals, to plan your program of studies, and to consider fieldwork options;
  • you will be given a written assessment in order to document your current level of proficiency;
  • Fields program staff will identify and hire a language partner to work with you beginning in the Spring semester.

The main program activities will span one calendar year, from the beginning of the Spring semester to the end of the Fall semester. At the end of each year in the program, provided that your commitment to established goals has been demonstrated, you will be able to continue within Fields.