Shared course initiative Spring 2013 courses

For information regarding specific courses, please contact individual instructors by clicking on the link below.

Elementary Bengali I (BNGL 120)   MW 11:15-12:05, TTh 11:40-12:55, CLS Study Room A
Elementary Dutch (DUTC 120)   M-F 9:25-10:15, CLS Room 420
Elementary Romanian (ROMN 120)   TTh 11:05-12:50,  CLS Room 420
Intermediate Tamil (TAML 140)   TTh 2:10-4:00, CLS Room 420
Beginning Yoruba (ASRC 1109)  
Advanced isiZulu (ZULU 160)   MW 2:30-3:45, CLS Room 420
Please note the following important information regarding the academic calendars* of the three institutions:



Classes start on Tuesday, January 22 and end on Monday, May 6.
        No classes on:     March 18 - 22 (midterm recess)        
        Study period:       May 7-9
        Exam period:       May 10-17
        Commencement:  May 22


Classes start on Monday, January 21 and end on Saturday, May 4.
        No classes on:     March 16-22 (spring break)        
        Study period:       May 5-8
        Exam period:       May 8-17
        Commencement: May 26


Classes start on Monday, January 14 (2- week shopping period) and end on Friday, April 26.
        No Classes on:    January 21 (Martin Luther King Day)
                                  March 11-22 (spring recess)        
        Reading period:    April 27-May 1
        Exam period:       May 2-7
        Class Day and Commencement: May 19-20

*For the days that the institutional calendars are not in synch, the instructors will offer alternative class meeting times and supplementary online activities.