Reserving CLS Facilities

This policy applies to the reservation of classrooms, Multimedia Classroom/Lab rooms (MCLs), and study rooms. It excludes  regular class meetings in classrooms when scheduled by the FAS Registrar's Office, as well as internal CLS meetings in the Library when scheduled by a CLS staff member. All the below is subject to Yale policies, such as that on standard meeting time patterns.

I. Requesting Rooms

All rooms must be scheduled using a Facilities Request form.

Rooms must be reserved at least two weeks in advance for regular events. Scheduling requests for individual events during each term (fall, spring, summer) will be accepted only after the start of the term. The CLS does not assign classroom use during shopping period, so requests during that time should be directed to the Registrar's Office.

Scheduling priority will be given to courses and other events pertaining to the instruction of foreign languages, including events or meetings organized by the CLS. All reservations may be subject to changes by the CLS.

After your request has been submitted, you will receive a response via email or phone, usually within two business days. If you have questions before you complete the request, contact Steven Melillo (1p-9p Mo-Th, 9a-5p Friday) or, in his absence, Marlene Olson (8 a.m.–4 p.m., Mon–Fri).

Not-for-profit non-Yale organizations must present proof of insurance naming Yale as "additional insured" to the Office of Risk Management, with a copy to the CLS, prior to holding events at CLS. This is not required for events held by Yale entities.

II. Room Use Rules

  • A CLS staff member must be on duty when CLS facilities are in use outside of normal business hours.
  • No food or drinks of any kind are allowed without prior permission from the CLS.
  • No posters or other materials may be affixed to walls or furniture, nor may tape, tacks, or glue be used for any reason, without prior permission.
  • Bicycles are not permitted in the building. Neither rollerblades nor skateboards may be used in the building.
  • Rooms must be left clean. Trash, recycling, and other debris must be disposed of properly. Whiteboards must be erased with the erasers provided. Furniture must be returned to its proper configuration.

Additional restrictions for MCLs:

  • MCLs may only be reserved for course session use between 8am and 1pm and between 5pm and closing. Oral testing sessions are not subject to this restriction.
  • MCLs may not be reserved for use in a block greater than 4 hours.

    The individual reserving a room is responsible for its proper use and care, in compliance with these rules. Failure to follow any part of this policy, including these room use rules, may result in the assessment of additional service fees and/or cancellation or denial of future reservations.

III. Fees

A. Base Fees

Base Fees include use of rooms and equipment only and will be charged for all events except:

  • Activities that are part of a foreign language course (specify Course ID on scheduling request form).
  • Activities related to the development or operation of a foreign language program (e.g., a meeting of Lectors and Senior Lectors from a program) when approved by the CLS.

Base Fees apply to each room reserved and are calculated as follows:

  • Multimedia Classroom, Classrooms, Library, and Study Rooms: 
    May be charged at a rate of $50/hour to cover staffing charges if deemed necessary.

B. Additional Fees

In addition to Base Fees, a fee may be charged for staff coverage when events occur outside regular CLS open hours, which vary throughout the academic year. Staffing outside regular open hours is available at $80 per hour, with a four-hour minimum on weekends.

The CLS, at its sole discretion, may require that additional services be provided, for example by Custodial Services or Security, for which fees will be determined by the service provider.

Base Fees include the use of in-room audio/visual equipment, which will meet most multimedia needs. However, fees may be charged if support or special equipment setup is required.

C. Payment

Accepted forms of payment include:

Payment must be received and processed before a reservation can be confirmed. Late payments or cancellations after confirmation will be subject to additional fees.

Policy effective July 1, 2011.

I have read and agree to this policy, and would like to request a room.