Faculty Seeking Tutoring for a Student

Any Yale College student enrolled in a language course, no matter what the proficiency level, is eligible for tutoring. 

Students must inform their instructors when they request tutoring.  Students must complete a Request for Tutoring form online so that their eligibility can be verified by the tutoring program coordinator and the language teacher. The tutoring program coordinator will then select a tutor, taking into account the needs of the student and advice of the instructor.  The student and tutor agree on a time to meet each week and begin working together.  The program coordinator monitors the tutoring process through weekly progress reports that are made available to instructors and residential college deans.

Tutors are encouraged to contact the language instructor at the beginning of the process to understand the course requirements and view any materials that might make the sessions more productive.

You may contact Minjin Hashbat about a student you think would benefit from tutoring, but the student must also submit a “request for tutoring” form.  

We welcome any suggestions you have for improving the process.