Instructional Innovation Grants (IIGs)

The CLS offers financial support to language faculty wishing to pursue projects to enhance language learning in the classroom. The IIG allows a faculty member to develop new approaches to language teaching, while relying on a student worker to perform the research and technical support work. IIGs should represent approaches that have the potential to scale up, that is, to be useful beyond the individual faculty member’s classroom, either for other language instructors at Yale or for the language learning community beyond Yale. The CLS especially welcomes projects that propose innovative approaches to language learning and incorporate current theoretical and methodological insights.

Two categories of project support are available:

  1. Pilot Grants: These are modest grants ($1,000-$1,500) which allow language faculty to explore the feasibility of a potential project and help conceptualize a curricular innovation. They can, for example, assist with developing a sample learning unit or redesigning a syllabus.
  2. Instructional Innovation Grants: These grants support more developed projects with well-articulated pedagogical objectives and can be awarded in follow-up to a pilot grant or to expand the scope of an established project.  Support is generally in the range of $2,000-$3,000 and may include, for example, student assistance, technology support, materials, or software.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, with work beginning in the fall of and concluding either by mid-year or the end of the academic year. Faculty should submit a formal proposal, including:

  • A brief project description (abstract)
  • A project narrative, including
    • Project goals
    • Justification for the project, based on review of existing materials and views in the field
    • Plan of work that demonstrates feasibility of the project, including a detailed timeline
  • A summary of relevant prior experience by applicant(s) and brief bio
  • A detailed budget with justification, including costs for student work and technology

The CLS will approve proposals on a rolling basis. Once the proposal is accepted, the faculty member works with the CLS to hire a student worker who will do the technical work and research, allowing faculty to guide the project. The funding can only go towards purchasing materials and paying a student worker. Equipment may be purchased, but will remain the property of the CLS. The CLS can advise on technological needs and may assign a CLS liaison to the project. 

Faculty whose projects are funded will participate in a working group to share their ideas and work-in-progress with colleagues and to work collaboratively, where possible. Upon completion of the project, faculty will present their results in a showcase of current projects. For information or questions about the IIGs, contact Nelleke Van Deusen-Scholl.