Technology Service Desk: 203-432-8196

General inquiries:


Nelleke Van Deusen-Scholl, Director 203-432-6456

English Language Program

Jim Tierney, ELP Director 203-432-6806
Elka Kristonagy, ELP Lector 203-432-0594
Anna Moldawa-Shetty, ELP Lector 203-436-4837
Jaime Parry, ELP Lector 203-436-5854

Language Education & Research

Vincent Cangiano, Coordinator for Fields Program and Directed Independent Language Study 203-432-7551
Minjin Hashbat, Facilities Manager, Program Administrator for Shared Courses and Language for Special Purposes 203-432-8504
Mary Jo Lubrano, Testing and Assessment Specialist 203-432-0584
Dave Malinowski, Language Technology & Research Specialist 203-436-5797

Business Operations

Marlene Olson, Financial Assistant 203-432-3224
Anthony Hannon, Sr. Administrative Assistant, Event Planner 203-436-5795


Steve Melillo, Coordinator, Facilities & Events 203-432-7641