DILS Eligibility and Application Procedures

Application Deadlines:

Applications must be submitted in the semester preceding the one for which study is sought.

  • The deadline for applications for Fall Semester programs is March 15th.
  • The deadline for applications for Spring Semester programs is November 1st.


Interested students must be highly motivated, self-disciplined and self-directed. They must be able to demonstrate serious reasons why they wish to study the language for which they have applied and they must be fully committed to the program.

Undergraduate students must be in good academic standing. If accepted, students will need the approval of their residential college dean. Recognizing the time commitment required for language study, students should be careful not to undertake DILS in an otherwise heavily loaded semester. Graduate and professional students should secure approval from a faculty member of their department or school.

Students enrolled in DILS are responsible for the purchase of all instructional materials (usually textbook, workbook, and audio materials).

Application and Interview

Applications for the DILS program are accepted twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring semester. The application process has three stages:

  1. Application: Students wishing to enroll in DILS should complete an application form during the semester preceding the one in which language study is to begin (by the deadline posted above). Applications will be evaluated by a selection committee according to student interests and qualifications. [Note: an updated application form will be available by October 1st.]
  2. Interview: Students will be informed as to the status of their applications within two to four weeks after the application filing deadline, and may at that time be invited for an interview.
  3. Acceptance: DILS program staff will research the languages of the strongest applications to determine the availability of the appropriate instructional materials, language partner and examiner. Students' final acceptance will depend on the availability of these components.

Registration & Orientation

Once students are accepted in a language program, they will register by signing a Learning Contract at the required orientation meeting at the beginning of the semester.

More Information

If you have additional questions about the Fields program, please contact dils@yale.edu.